Sunday, April 8, 2007

Together on the Flatland of Paper

Each and every time I pick up this book, I am simply amazed at the complexity of it's contents. I seem to look through the pages of any chapter before I read it, but when looking through this book I seem to get so distracted by it's visual stimulation and wonderful text and image juxtapositions. This chapter speaks about the confection, which is the assembly of many visual events from various Streams of Story, then all brought together of the flatland of paper. These confections present visual comparisons, and combine both the real and the imagined to tell another story. I seem to be enthrawled by how complex the ideas are within this chapter and the book itself. The chapter then travels through what different times and different people have done with confection. However, even after reading the chapter I am still somewhat confused as to it's purpose and point. Of course I am constantly interested in the content that the book holds, but sometimes the ideas seem to go beyond my understanding.

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