Sunday, April 8, 2007


Throughout Chapter 7 Tufte discusses what confections are. He starts off by describing them as visual elements that are assembled together to tell a story. If a mixture of images conveys a clear message to its audience then it becomes a successful confection. Also, when an artist incorporates text and image together that can be considered a confection because those visual elements placed together can make the message clearer to the viewer.
Then when Tufte started explaining how computers can quickly assemble confections by combining text and image together I realized that what Graphic Designers create can be considered confections. When we mix text and image together in posters, newsletters, brochures, websites, etc. we are using visual confections to relay a message to our viewers in a more appealing way. Therefore, our goal as Graphic Designers is to successfully create visual confections so they are easily understood and interpreted correctly by our targeted audiences.

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