Sunday, April 8, 2007

Confections! Candy and Graphic Design

I used to think of confections as candy, sweet, delicious candy, but after reading this chapter of Tufte I can no longer just think of candy as confection anymore, yet in a way confections in the sense of visual design can be considered to have several characteristics of candy. Candy tastes good, in most cases looks good, and leaves the one eating it craving more and as such one seeks to find or create more. Comparatively confections in visual design while not tasting good, or perhaps they do I've never tried eating them, have a nack of draw the interest of people, visual confections almost always look good, are well composed and thought out and are extremely good at organizing content, and last but not least once one has seen a good confection it leaves one wanting to find and or create their own candy, err I mean visual confections. I enjoyed this chapter as it dealt with a topic that has always been a part of design and especially illustration as it calls on both the artistic as well as the design aspects to produce an image that is literally worth 1,000 words.

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