Monday, April 9, 2007

HOLY "candy"

Confections and candies, visualization and design.

Variety of candies and likewise variety of design.

Candies are tempting from how they are designed and packaged and it fulfills the crave most of the times. They portray the meaning of successful visualization. They convey a clear message to the audience, confections as tufte calls them, the same when designers create something using text, graphics and more and are successfully able to convey and communicate.

The varieties of candies and confectioners can be compared with the variety of designs and designers. Just like some of us like jelly beans and gummy bears, while some only like m&m and skitties ... some of us like minimal, some vibrant, some "GRUNGY", some corporate and so on ...

It amazing how designers can relate to anything and everything and with a lot of sense.

Holy "candy"

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