Monday, April 9, 2007


This chapter was peculiar. I found it odd and funny how Tufte used a language that is meant for something all together different. As some have mentioned, there are similarities. In both baking and design you bring together many flavors and elements to create something of great taste and aesthetic interest.

A couple of things I took note of, include that speech alone is sometimes inefficient in communicating. The addition of visuals and words make for a much easier understanding.

I was most drawn to; I believe it was called the Constructor. I thought the combination of 3D and 2D worked and blended together beautifully with interesting concepts behind it. I also took note of the text referring to bad confection ties closely with bad concepts.

The idea of confection to me was one of surrealism and seems to establish unreal worlds. This makes for interesting visuals in combination with real facts. I also enjoyed the diagram of the taproot with the different compartments making a very pleasing design.

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